Boost & Guard (“BG”) new spokespersons: Jason, Sarah, and their son Damen Stand Guard Over Family Health

7th November 2019

We are happy to have Jason, Sarah and their son, Damen, joining the BG family. A series of branding and product advertisements were shot and has received great acclaim. Together with them, BG will continue to bring more different high-quality health products to consumers, “Stand Guard Over Family Health”.

Tycoon x PRC “Joint Care Guide for Seniors”

28th August 2019

Poor posture or joint strain may cause joint pain and suffering from severe pain will affect daily life. Held on August 28, 2019, the “Joint Care Guide for Seniors” is a workshop jointly organized by Tycoon and PRC. With the slogan of “Run with Health and Vitality”, the event aimed at providing knowledge on joint protection and ways to strengthen joints, meanwhile

encouraging the elderly to build exercise into their daily life. During the talk, our nutrition experts explained the high-risk factors and precautions of joint problems, and also gave out some dietary advices to more than 70 participants, so that the elderly could understand the correct methods and tips on protecting joints, and able to relieve rigidity of muscles and relax joints by following the demonstration of some simple exercises. At the end of the event, we gave out the Tycoon lucky grab bag, includes healthy joint supplement, medicated oil etc., to the participants.

BRAUER in the 27th International Baby and Children Products Expo

4th August 2019

BRAUER, the best-selling mother & baby brand in Australia, always insists on combining natural ingredients with the most advanced scientific research to provide natural and gentle infant and toddler healthcare products with the highest quality production standards. BRAUER aims to provide good quality dietary supplement to infants and toddlers at different ages for their need in all aspect’s healthy development of teeth, brain and immune system etc.

BRAUER participated in the 27th International Baby and Children Products Expo in Hong Kong on August 2-5, 2019. This was BRAUER’s first expo in Hong Kong. BRAUER 90th Anniversary Celebration was held at the venue on August 4, 2019, inviting the General Manager of BRAUER Australia, BRAUER marketing manager and celebrity Ms. Snow Suen etc to celebrate the anniversary together and introduced new products to audiences. Ms. Snow Suen was nice to share her parenting experience with BRAUER products and engaged the audiences with games and BRAUER gift sets. Everyone in the event enjoyed it so much.

Boost & Guard 2019 TVC

26th May 2019

BG strives to develop a series of high quality, effective and safe health products by collaborating with professors, experts and doctors, sourcing different patents or award-winning ingredients, effective and targeted raw materials from different countries around the world, and conducting repeated tests on different ingredients and formulations and continuous research and improvement.

Sky Post x Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service - Children's Emotional Management and Common Diseases Seminar

19th May 2019

Held on May 19, 2019, the "Children's Emotional Management and Common Diseases Seminar" is a workshop jointly organized by SkyPost and BOKSS, apart from invited the clinical psychologist Dr. Ken Fung, sharing the emotional management of children with participated parents, Dr. Lee Hung Fai is also invited to explain the common diseases and dietary problems of children.  During the lecture, our senior nutrition consultant explained the special relationship between the stomach and the brain to more than 70 parents present, and introduced ways to improve inattention, memory and immunity by using "Patented Smart-kids Probiotics " and " Phosphatidylserine ", which contains in【BG Smart Kids Probiotics】. We believe that this event will greatly help parents to foster their children's emotional development.


Wakan 2019 TVC

3rd May 2019

11 types of probiotics + prebiotics!  Get fit by taking Wakan Probiotics everyday! Promote bowel movement, detoxification, losing belly fat and anti-allergy.

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