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With the mission of bringing health and vitality to consumers, we aim to become a reputable and leading provider of a suite of health and well-being products through diversified online and offline sales channels.

Company Overview

Tycoon Group has been committed to providing consumers from Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China with high-quality proprietary Chinese medicine ("PCM"), health supplement, skin care, personal care and other healthcare products, thereby taking full care of consumers' health. Tycoon Group distributes over 100 brands and is one of the three major distributors in the PCM distribution market in Hong Kong. *

* According to an industry research report prepared by Ipsos Limited, Tycoon Group ranked third in Hong Kong's PCM distribution market by revenue in 2018.



Mr. Michael Wong, the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, established Tycoon Asia Pacific Group Limited in April 2015 where we commenced business in distribution of PCM and health supplement products in Hong Kong.

The Group launched the first proprietary branded product ("Private Label Product") "和漢(Wakan)" in November 2015.


The Group established Tycoon Asia Pacific (Singapore) Pte. Limited to expand the distribution business to Singapore. The Group launched a series of revolutionary probiotics products under "Boost & Guard (BG補健)" (now known as "Boost & Guard (BG博健科研)"), the Private Label Product brand in November 2017.


The Group established Tycoon Asia Pacific (Australia) Pty Limited as our representative office in Australia.

In the same year, the Group established Tycoon Asia Pacific Group (Macau) Company Limited to extend our operations to Macau where we commenced operation of two brick-and-mortar retail stores in Macau in July and November 2018 respectively. Regarding cross-border e-commerce business, the Group commenced operation of TYCOON Overseas Official Flagship Store on the portal at JD.hk.

The Group’s Private Label Products under the brands of "Boost & Guard (BG補健)" and "和漢(Wakan)" received the Marie Claire mcLikes Awards 2018. "Boost & Guard (BG補健)" was awarded the "Best Popular Probiotics Brand" of the 11th TVB Weekly Brand Award.


China Resources Pharmaceutical Group Limited ("CR Pharmaceutical") (through its wholly-owned subsidiary), became a substantial shareholder of Tycoon in February 2019. CR Pharmaceutical (stock code: 3320) is a company whose shares are listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited which also owns the entire issued share capital of CR Care Company Limited, a chain retailer of pharmaceutical and other healthcare products in Hong Kong and one of the top five customers of the Group for the 3 years ended 31 December 2019.

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